My favorite things:

Travel. Adventure. Surf. Yoga. Pilates.

Why not combine all of these, and mix in fabulous food and getting to hangout with fun, like-minded souls?

Leading retreats in my favorite places in the world has been a dream of mine for a long time.  I am so excited it is finally happening!  

I'd love for you to join me on one of my Wellness & Adventure Retreats! 

Therapeutic Yoga & Pilates
September 16-21, 2022

During this 5-day retreat dedicated to therapy for various injuries and pathologies, we will take an innovative, totally practical approach to healing the body.  We will be called to understand our body’s anatomy, inch by inch, to feel, move, bring into balance and health the different parts of the body from feet to head, while inviting balance to our body-mind constitution as a whole.   We will learn therapeutic methods and techniques for different pains and injuries. We will touch our body, and move our feet, spine, arms and legs, neck and head, consciously, while exploring therapeutic exercises from a wide Yoga and Pilates repertoire.

We will be called to practice and teach therapeutic exercises in partner settings, so we can truly experience the application of the techniques. We will practice Therapeutic Yoga in the morning and Therapeutic Pilates in the afternoon.  In each session there will be a part where we move in an embodied way, with a felt sense of our body and each body part separately, and as a whole. We will imagine the presence of an injury and work with therapeutic movement on ourselves first, and then proceed by teaching these techniques to our partner.

This course is a must for any movement teacher or therapist, but it is also open to all movement practitioners.


Before and after these intensive practice sessions, you can enjoy yourselves in the beautiful retreat setting of Zen Rocks, content and surrounded by olive trees, blue skies, and seas.

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Costa Rica
Pilates, Yoga, Surf
November 5-10, 2022

Daily Pilates

Daily Yoga


Private Villas

Homemade Daily Breakfast

at my favorite place in the world!

Playa Guiones in

The Blue Zone of Nosara, Costa Rica