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This well-written book is comprehensive but concise, and is easy to read and understand. The descriptions, variations, and photographs of exercises are excellent…a great rehabilitation resource for clinicians and instructors.” 

-Doody's Review Service, 5-star review


Pilates for Rehabilitation explains how to incorporate Pilates exercises into rehabilitation programs to heal injuries, improve core strength, promote efficient movement, and help manage pain.

Your clients and athletes demand and deserve customized, adaptable solutions when injury or chronic pain impairs movement and performance. Known for its whole-body approach to fitness, Pilates is the perfect way to help your patients recover, rehabilitate, and reach their goals.

With Pilates for Rehabilitation, you will learn how to apply proven Pilates methods to address dysfunction and help your patients achieve optimal performance. Renowned instructor and physical therapist Samantha Wood provides detailed descriptions of the most effective exercises for rehabilitating and healing injuries, improving functional strength, promoting efficient movement, and managing pain.

In addition to step-by-step instructions for Pilates apparatus and mat work, you will learn the indications and contraindications of each exercise and the primary muscles involved so you can determine when the exercise is appropriate for each client. Modifications and progressions allow for adaptation of exercises based on the stage of rehabilitation or the severity of the injury or condition being treated. Suggested exercise programs, organized by common orthopedic injuries in anatomical regions, offer the flexibility to tailor a program to the specific needs of each client.

Authoritative yet accessible, Pilates for Rehabilitation paves the road to recovery. With the latest research, proven exercises, and expert advice, this is the ultimate rehabilitation guide.



Foreword by Rael Isacowitz

Part I. The Case for Pilates
Chapter 1. The Science Behind Pilates for Rehabilitation
Chapter 2. Guiding Principles of Pilates
Chapter 3. Integrating Pilates With Rehabilitation
Chapter 4. Methodology and Apparatus Needed for an Effective Practice

Part II. Exercises
Chapter 5. Mat Exercises 
Chapter 6. Reformer Exercises
Chapter 7. Cadillac Exercises
Chapter 8. Wunda Chair Exercises

Part III. Pilates for Common Injuries and Pathologies
Chapter 9. The Cervical and Thoracic Spine
Chapter 10. The Lumbar Spine
Chapter 11. The Shoulder
Chapter 12. The Hip
Chapter 13. The Knee
Chapter 14. The Foot and Ankle


Pilates for Rehabilitation

Available for purchase from BASI PilatesAmazon and Human Kinetics

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Print CE Course


For certified professionals, a companion continuing education exam can be completed after reading this book. The Pilates for Rehabilitation Online CE Exam may be purchased separately or as part of the Pilates for Rehabilitation With CE Exam package, which includes both the book and the exam.

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This well-written book is comprehensive but concise, and is easy to read and understand. The descriptions, variations, and photographs of exercises are excellent…a great rehabilitation resource for clinicians and instructors.”
Doody's Review Service, 5-star review


Samantha introduced me to Pilates, and at first it was such a challenge! But after practicing Pilates for many years now, it has helped to minimize my injury recovery time. Samantha can do the same for you with Pilates for Rehabilitation!

- Sugar Ray Leonard 

I have been a PT for 26 years and have owned my own clinic for 13. We have a Pilates reformer as we have always seen the benefits of Pilates for our patients. This book was exactly what we needed to take our care to the next level. WE can now be so much more efficient with our programs and also help guide patients towards Pilates training after they have been discharged. The organization, clear writing, references, and photos make this a great book for the clinic. We will use it often!

-Maureen Madden

Physical Therapist

I have taken courses with Samantha Wood in the past and am so excited to have all this information in this amazing book. I love that it is very clear and concise, I love that she also gives detailed instructions, variations, and progressions for every exercise so we can help our clients to work in a safe and appropriate manner. A must for anyone wanting to learn more about the body and movement! 

-Sheri Long

Pilates Teacher, BASI Pilates Senior Faculty

For many years, Samantha has incorporated her sensible and easily applicable techniques in Pilates to rehabilitate and restore many of my injured patients back to good health.  Her new book provides an excellent resource for other rehabilitation therapists to incorporate a restorative Pilates approach to not only heal and manage ongoing injuries but also prevent future injuries through core strengthening and improving functional strength and movement.

-Julie Ma, M.D.

Primary Care Physician, UCLA Health System

As a Pilates professional I am always in search of fresh resources and material to inspire my teaching and practice. Pilates for Rehabilitation is just the book to fill the void in my understanding and application of the remedial approach of the Pilates Method. Samantha Wood’s approach to rehabilitation is both scientific and practical, without losing the underlying principles of the Pilates Method itself. Although the exercises are rehabilitation in focus, I found them to be just as effective for athletic performance. I plan to recommend this book to my clients, colleagues and students-  who I feel could all benefit from Samantha Wood’s wealth of knowledge.

- Ed Botha

Pilates Teacher, BASI Pilates Faculty, Pilates Anytime Teacher

As a physical therapist and Pilates Instructor myself who has worked with and learned from Samantha, I am thrilled to have a book such as this as a resource for my own clinic. It is an extremely practical, well-researched and carefully planned approach that makes it easy for any rehab professional to integrate Pilates into his or her practice -- safely AND effectively. The precautions and contraindications for the exercises are an extremely valuable resource for Pilates Instructors as well. It's like having a PT by your side!  I can't think of a better comprehensive resource that is easy (and enjoyable!) to read. After years of integrating Pilates as a rehab professional I am very excited to have this by my side as I treat, train employees, and market to our physicians. 

-Meghan Tierney

Physical Therapist

The trilogy of objectives in all of athletic medicine is prevention, optimization of performance, and injury care. Samantha Wood eloquently and cohesively demonstrates in her book Pilates for Rehabilitation the practical concepts and contemporary techniques for today’s problems with tomorrow’s solutions.

-Bert Mandelbaum, MD

Team Physician LA Galaxy, US Soccer, Pepperdine University

Co-Chair of Medical Affairs Cedars Sinai Kerlan Jobe Institute

Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Group and Sports Foundation

Chairman CONCACAF Medical Committee Assistant Medical Director Major League Soccer

I don't just like this book, I love this terrific reference book! As a Pilates instructor often times I have questions, many many questions on how to safely work my clients with common injuries & pathologies and this book covers the body from the cervical spine down to, literally, the foot. This book is thoughtful, well organized, and filled many clear descriptions and photos. Ms Wood's book written from the point of view of a Physical Therapist & Pilates instructor but written within the scope of a Pilates instructor's scope of practice. This is a reference book you would want in your library, I know that my book, personally, is dog earred and I have had this book less than a week! Your money will be well spent and you won't be sorry by purchasing Samantha Wood's "Pilates for Rehabilitation".

- Judy Cocke

Pilates Teacher


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Samantha Wood for more than fifteen years. During that time she has always had a unique talent for tailoring rehabilitation programs for both my professional and casual athlete populations. Now, in PILATES FOR REHABILITATION, she provides an easy to read and more importantly easy to apply handbook for medical professionals and interested individuals. All of us are looking for that added edge to perform to our best while reducing the chances of injury. Samantha has now added to our arsenal. A must have on your shelf and by your side.

 -George Billauer, D.C.

Team Chiropractor: US National Soccer Team, LA Galaxy, LAFC, Mexican National Soccer Team (FIFA World Cup, Russia 2018)

Previous Affiliations: LA Dodgers, LA Kings, Chivas USA


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