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Simply fill-out the form below. Please give me as many details as you can so that I can prepare a personalized session for you and/or your client.

Option 1: Private Consultation/Live Session 
A private Pilates session (workout) where I take you (and/or your client) through a series of exercises appropriate for the condition(s) you specify,
OR a Q&A session,
OR a combination of both. 
After the session I will email you a BASI block system flowsheet of your session, as well as other notes & tips.
The cost is $150 for a 50 min session. Once we schedule a date and time, I will send you an invoice for online payment, followed by a Zoom link for the session. 

Option 2: Customized Workout 
A customized session (mat and/or equipment) for a specific region of the body/injury/sport.
The cost is $95.  Once payment is received I will email you your custom workout! 


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