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Continuing Education Courses   for Pilates Teachers and Rehab Professionals 

Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies

This three-day certificate course presents a Physical Therapy approach to working with clients who have injuries, physical limitations, or movement dysfunctions. Focusing primarily on the cervical and lumbar spine, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot, the course covers functional anatomy, biomechanics and a review of current literature. Specific injuries and pathologies, such as disc disease, post-surgical conditions, rotator cuff syndrome, tendinopathies and osteoarthritis, are examined. Students learn about precautions and/or contraindications for these conditions, as well as exercise options and modifications to the original BASI Pilates repertoire. Course participants learn safe ways to work with clients who suffer from some of the most commonly encountered pathologies and injuries, via lectures, discussions, demonstrations and practice.

This program is approved by the NPCP for 18 CECs.

Dates, Locations, and Registration


  • I use what I learned in this course on a daily basis with my clients.  I recommend it to all my fellow Pilates teachers! - Sheri Long, BASI Pilates Senior Faculty

  • The BASI Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies Post Graduate course was like taking all of the Balanced Body Pilates on Tour courses and combining them into one course. I highly recommend that all Pilates Instructors (including those who are not certified through BASI) take this course! Samantha Wood did a fantastic job of putting together a post rehab course and a great manual for Pilates instructors looking to (safely) expand their repertoire. – Jessica 

  • I came away with a much better understanding of how to handle my clients' injuries as they present themselves. I believe the course will help keep my clients safe and allow me a greater freedom to work with them while they are injured. Should be required material for every instructor! - Ann

  • Great course; Sam is awesome! Tons of information, great new resource with the new Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies manual, and great ideas on selecting the correct exercises for a clients condition. – Patti Jo 

  • Awesome course. Sam has a ton of experience and explains everything in a way that was so easy for me to understand. I LOVED the course and am looking forward to the quality of continuing education BASI will be offering. – Carrie 

  • I just wanted to thank BASI for offering such an invaluable course.  Sam is a great educator. It couldn't have been any better. – Kristina 

  • Not only a great course for us that wants to work with injured clients, but it is a great for any instructor that need a review of the human body and anatomy, and its complexly. Sam is a very good and efficient presenter!! A course well recommended! - Julia

Pilates: Integration into Therapeutic Practice

This introductory course is designed for Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Certified Athletic Trainers and Chiropractors who have little or no experience with Pilates but have an interest in integrating this method into their orthopedic rehabilitation practice. Participants will learn how to use Pilates as therapeutic exercise with specific patient populations. Emphasis will be placed on core stabilization. Safe use of the equipment and basic Pilates principles will be taught; in addition, specific exercises from the BASI Pilates repertoire will be demonstrated and practiced. Indications and Contraindications for specific diagnoses and how these relate to the Pilates repertoire will be discussed. Tips on starting and running a successful Pilates-based business will also be shared. Upon completion of this course, participants will have the tools and skills to effectively integrate Pilates into any practice to meet therapeutic goals.

Course Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of the Guiding Principles of Pilates and how these can be applied clinically to patients.

  • Discover the many benefits and advantages of using Pilates in a therapeutic environment.

  • Learn safe use the Pilates equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Mat) and how to modify for different patient populations and abilities. 

  • Perform basic Pilates exercises chosen from Pilates Exercise Protocols (created and utilized by physical therapists for over 16 years).

  • Identify how to effectively cue for proper activation of the core stabilization muscles.

  • Learn how to document and bill properly for maximum reimbursement.

  • Examine current clinical research on the effectiveness of Pilates in rehabilitation.

  • Discuss the basics of managing a Pilates-based business (e.g. cost of equipment, billing, training and education programs, hiring and retention).


*This course is pre-approved by the California Physical Therapy Association for 1.4 CEUs (CPTA #16-76) 


  • The course was a perfect mixture of physical therapy and Pilates. I am a PT, not a Pilates instructor, so this course was perfect for me. I feel like I now have the knowledge to work with patients who practice Pilates. I am now comfortable applying principles of Pilates into my physical therapy practice. Sam is great! She took the time to get to know everyone in the class and made them feel very welcome. Her experience as both a BASI trained certified Pilates instructor and a physical therapist makes her very valuable. She is both personable and highly qualified.- Bailey, DPT

  • One of the best continuing education courses I've taken thus far. Very personable and interactive and relevant to my patient population and I have enjoyed implementing what I've learned already into my practice. I really appreciated the flow between lecture and lab and the hands on experience. I also appreciated that we stopped to spend more time on things that people had questions on. Very well put together. Instructor was great and very knowledgeable. -Kerry, PT

  • Samantha really took the time to provide us with basic competency in the exercises and variations of the exercises from beginner to advanced. She also brought in clinical ideas for different diagnoses which I really appreciated. She was easy to talk to and very encouraging throughout the weekend. It was great to get her "clinical pearls" as a PT using Pilates for rehab. I would definitely attend other courses from her. -Laureen, PT

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