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 Private Consultations and Customized Workouts (Online or In Person)

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Private Consultations

As a physiotherapist, certified Pilates teacher and certified yoga teacher; I offer a unique perspective on working with injuries.  Perhaps you have an injury or pathology and you are unsure which exercises would be unsafe and which would be beneficial.  Or perhaps you are a teacher working with a client who has an injury or pathology that you don't completely understand.  I can help you! Your session can be organized as an actual Pilates class where I take you (and/or your client) through a series of exercises appropriate for the condition, or as a Q&A. After the session I will provide you with a BASI block system flowsheet of your session, and other session notes & tips. 

Workouts for specific injuries

Need a routine for a specific injury or pathology?

I can create one for you!  Let me know what your needs are and I will send you a customized workout!

Examples include:

  • Pilates Mat workout for cervical pathologies 

  • Pilates equipment workout for shoulder pathologies

  • Yoga & Pilates workout for lumbar pathologies (disc) 


Workouts for specific sports

Wondering what Pilates and/or Yoga exercises would be best for a surfer?  Volleyball player? Tennis player?  Runner? Swimmer? I can create one for you!  Let me know what your needs are and I will customize a workout for you (or your client).  

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